Esports: G&D supports gamers’ needs for high frame rates

Esports: G&D supports gamers’ needs for high frame rates

As Esports grows in popularity, so do the technological demands of the hardware supporting professional gamers. With higher frame rates and more power than ever, G&D is keeping up with that demand by offering high performance equipment especially targeted to the gaming community.

KVM equipment for a perfect gaming experience

At G&D, we have the solutions many gamers are looking for in their KVM equipment. With our DP1.2 devices, you can run full HD resolutions with high frame rates up to 240 Hz! That’s right, as gamers, you will experience crystal clear 1080p resolutions with virtually no delay in your gaming exploits. However, that’s not the only option. G&D DP1.2 products are also able to transmit 2K resolutions of 2560×1440 with 144Hz.

No more distractions by cluttered consoles or fan noises

With G&D KVM extenders, the computers’ CPUs can be placed several thousand feet away from the operators. Gamers will no longer be bothered by the cluttering of computer consoles and distracting fan noises surrounding them while engaging in high-octane gaming. An additional advantage of this is that computers can be kept in a secure and temperature-controlled room to prevent overheating. They can now be safely stored over six miles away while still running flawlessly. This is crucial for Esports events where separation from the players and the computers is key. With DP1.2 products, you can do just that.

Suitable for the latest gaming equipment

Since our products support transparent USB 2.0, you can even extend the latest gaming keyboards and mice that are not HID-compliant (because of the additional keys and mini-displays) via the matrix.

Gamers, rest assured that the contents on your displays will be brilliant and clear with G&D’s pixel perfect technology used in our DP1.2 products. Our DP1.2-Vision, DP1.2-VisionXG, DP1.2-Vision-IP, DP1.2-MUX, DP1.2-MUX-NT, DP1.2-MUX3-ATC, and DP1.2-Splitter are your first line of defence against lagging displays and suboptimal resolution.

Broad variety through versatile configuration choices

Another gamer-friendly advantage our products exhibit is the variety of configuration choices. Whether you’re using CAT cables, fibre optics, or IP systems, G&D has a solution for that. Thanks to our broad portfolio, we are able to meet the diverse demands of any Esports event with dependable products and service.

The proven reliability and ruggedness of G&D’s KVM extenders, switches, matrix systems and accessories provide you with:

  • Frame rates that will never drop,
  • Resolutions that will never waver,
  • Keyboards and mice that operate smoothly and effectively.

If you’re a gamer and active in the esports community, you will be astounded by the performance extremes of our products.

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