G&D’s new website: easy to use, intuitive and suitable for everyone

G&D’s new website: easy to use, intuitive and suitable for everyone

After many months of intensive work, our new website finally went online this week. But why do we need a new website? And what does it have to offer? And most importantly: What’s in it for you?

Customer contact despite contact restrictions – the idea behind the new website

It all started with – you’ve probably already guessed it – Corona. The beginning of the pandemic also meant: no trade shows, few customer contacts, and therefore few opportunities for you to meet us. As a company, however, we appreciate the direct contact to and with you. Especially the quality and usefulness of our devices often only become obvious once you have held them in your hands and tried them out yourself. To at least give you a chance to test our equipment, we developed and implemented the showroom ControlCenter-Xperience soon after the start of the pandemic. This way, our Sales team was able to show you our devices from a distance, but still live, despite the lack of trade shows. But we were not going to leave it at that. In addition to the showroom, we have been looking for other ways to provide you with information about KVM appropriate to your level of knowledge. And that’s where our new website enters the scene.

Easy or expert – you decide

Of course, we know that understanding KVM in its entirety can be quite challenging. Without knowing anything about the topic, it is often difficult to work your way through the abundance of information. And this is exactly where we started when developing our new website. When visiting, you decide which information is important to you. For this purpose, we offer you two different modes: the Easy and the Expert mode.

Easy mode for all KVM newbies

Easy mode introduces you step by step to the subject of KVM. Instead of countless technical facts, you will get an initial overview suitable for your industry and the intended use of the KVM equipment. In addition, you will find the latest KVM highlights and an overview of the industries in which KVM devices are frequently used. Exciting stories will also tell you more about specific applications that we have already successfully implemented. The Campus section contains everything you need to know about KVM technology, product training, current events and simply a lot of knowledge.

Expert mode – from KVM experts for KVM experts

If you are already familiar with KVM and know what you are looking for, switch to Expert mode on the homepage. Smart filters or direct search will lead you to the product you are looking for in no time. You can also add it to a watch list or request it from our Sales department. Your watch list will be available again the next time you visit our website.

In addition, the Expert mode offers detailed information and downloads such as the manual, declarations of conformity or the product catalog for each product.

Easy ways of contacting G&D

If you have any questions about a product, our KVM experts will be happy to help you via live chat. No matter where you are on the website: The contact options via chat, e-mail or a request to our support are available at any time on the right side of the page.

Feel free to take a look around

Of course, we could still write a lot more about how clear, intuitive and user-friendly our new website is. But why don’t you try it out yourself? Have a look around, test the different functions and – if you like – feel free to give us some feedback. We hope you enjoy experiencing our KVM products in a digital way.

Bianca Schmidt

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