ControlCenter-Xperience – a showroom of technical superlatives

ControlCenter-Xperience – a showroom of technical superlatives

Product descriptions on a website are often helpful, but it takes a real-life application to really experience technical products like our KVM devices. However, this can be difficult without being able to present them at trade shows. But of course, we also want to give our customers and anyone interested in KVM the opportunity to experience our devices live, despite the pandemic and social distancing. Therefore, the idea of building a showroom was an obvious one.

Three server racks in the ControlCenter-Xperience packed with KVM equipment
The heart of the CCX

Our plan was to create a room in which we would not simply display our equipment. Admittedly, our devices come in high-quality casings, but they still lack certain model qualities. Although their design conveys an initial impression of quality, you only really notice their solid manufacturing when holding them in your hand. Instead of just building a room to showcase our KVM equipment in shiny cabinets, we wanted to create a control room to display the most diverse scenarios of the most diverse industries, based on real customer applications. This was the inspiration for our new showroom ControlCenter-Xperience, which opened its virtual gates at the beginning of October 2021.

ControlCenter-Xperience – one room for all applications

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Industrial process control
  • Broadcast
  • Energy sector
  • Maritime industry

These are just some of the industries using our KVM devices. Designing a room to serve all these industries seemed almost impossible at first glance. But fortunately, our devices helped with this task. In the ControlCenter-Xperience, everything runs via a ControlCenter-IP KVM matrix. Using scenario switching, we can switch to projectors on the ceiling, video walls, controller stations and even change the design of the walls. This way, the control room switches from an ATC scenario to an industrial application simply by pressing a button. This enables us to provide customers with consulting targeted to their specific industry.

ControlCenter-Xperience with two workplaces equipped with two and three monitors each in front of a large video wall
Workplaces in the ControlCenter-Xperience

The main focus of the room is on two control room workplaces: The first of one is equipped with two consoles and a monitor, the second one consists of three consoles and three 240 Hz monitors. Thanks to these fast super-ultrawide monitors, we are able to display even the latest trends with high resolutions.

We also equipped the workplaces with CPU devices including USB-C hubs. So if one day you will be able to visit us again in our headquarters, you can connect your tablet, laptop or cell phone to them and access the devices via matrix. We even integrated an Android TV box, which you can operate by keyboard and mouse, into the matrix. These features allow us to perfectly demonstrate how our KVM equipment works in combination with devices from other manufacturers.

Additionally, our showroom offers devices with connections from VGA to DP1.2 to demonstrate our mix & match concept. Thus, the high-quality equipment in our showroom is ready for upcoming devices and technological extensions or new standards.

Extra large video wall for displaying CPUs

Extra large video wall
XXL video wall

The eye-catcher of the ControlCenter-Xperience is a video wall with four 55-inch screens. They can display up to six consoles with the highest resolutions. Until now, you have often only been able to reduce or enlarge images and change the arrangement of consoles on such video wall solutions. But again, we were looking for more. Using a touch screen displaying all active CPUs, you can zoom in and out, “wipe away” and re-arrange them.

The most diverse scenarios and applications in one solution

When using the ControlCenter-Xperience for consulting, we are able to present a wide variety of scenarios and applications. Failure scenarios, whether a network switch, matrix or the entire server room, security options and redundancy systems in the cloud are just a few of the many examples we can demonstrate in our showroom.

Close up even from a distance

But how is it possible for you to experience this space without being directly on site? Simply via live video. But during our presentation, you won’t just get a static image from a single perspective. High-end cameras with 40x optical zoom in all corners of the room will give you a comprehensive overview of everything our sales staff will show you. For example, if you’re getting advice on server room failure, one camera will show the failure of the devices in the rack, another how the control room switches to cloud mode. When demonstrating CrossDisplay-Switching at the workplace, the camera also zooms directly onto the monitors, giving you a perfect view of what is happening there.

In the future, with the help of our new RemoteAccess-GATE, you will even be able to operate the consoles via browser and to test functions from home.

Curious? Make an appointment

If you have become curious to experience KVM in this new way and would like to get a virtual impression of our showroom, schedule a live demo right here. We look forward to your requests.

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