Getting Vaccinated – Feels Right: Together Against COVID

Getting Vaccinated – Feels Right: Together Against COVID

Currently, many national and international companies in Germany are working together on a campaign aimed at getting as many people as possible vaccinated against the Corona virus. And here, the very word “together” plays an essential role. Because the last two years have shown us how much an issue can divide society. As a company, it is therefore particularly important for us to be socially responsible and to support the appeal for getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Why we are participating in #TogetherAgainstCOVID

For G&D, talking face-to-face to our customers is always a top priority. And this is not just an empty phrase for us, but we practice this principle every day. Because we are happy to be there for you – at trade shows, in KVM trainings or by meeting you here in Siegen. G&D CEO Roland Ollek describes the current situation like this: “Of course, many meetings can be video calls, and we are able to present our devices in our showroom ControlCenter-Xperience.

But it’s always a different feeling to actually hold G&D products in your hands and try them out on site. That’s why we’re doing our best to ensure that you will soon be able to do all if this without any restrictions. And of course, this isn’t just about G&D as a company, but also about the health of all employees and their families. We try to protect them with whatever means are available to us. So for me it was no question at all that we would take part in this fantastic campaign. That’s why I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to please get vaccinated!”

Getting vaccinated protects us all

Together against Corona - G&D team waves upwardsBy being vaccinated against COVID-19, you are helping to contain and ultimately end the pandemic. It’s easy: If more people are vaccinated, the less the virus can spread. After all, the motto “One for all – all for one” didn’t just work for the Three Musketeers. At the moment, it is more important and more relevant than ever. Getting vaccinated will not only protect yourself, but also the people around you. In addition, a high vaccination rate ensures that even people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, and especially younger children, are safer from contracting COVID-19.

More information on the topic

More information on the Corona vaccine, vaccine efficacy, and many answers to questions can be found here. Although it is a German website in English, the general information given there applies worldwide.

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