Remote training courses – Corona-compliant training for your KVM systems

Remote training courses – Corona-compliant training for your KVM systems

At G&D, we have always made it a priority to offer you comprehensive and in-depth training options. But as with so many things these days, Corona is currently throwing a huge spanner in the works. Personal training here in Siegen or at your company? Not gonna happen any time soon! To tackle this challenge, we have come up with various innovative concepts. One of them are our interactive remote training courses. Therefore, today’s blog post will answer the most important questions on this topic.

What is a remote training course?

In order to get as close as possible to the possibilities of on-site training even in times of Corona, we are currently offering slightly modified remote training courses. As with on-site training, we ask participants before a remote training session in which areas they would like to be trained and how their application is set up. In this way, we can also adapt our remote training courses to the participants’ individual needs.

To make the training more interactive, we provide IP-based the participants with access to our training hardware here in Siegen. This remote access enables the participants to configure various devices themselves via OSD and web GUI during and lets them operate the available KVM system remotely.

What does a remote session look like?

G&D trainers seated at workstations in front of a video wall via which the participants are connected.
G&D remote training course

We conduct the actual training sessions using a software for remote meetings. This is where participants and trainers meet for their interactive training session. To make the training as effective as possible, we work in small groups with a maximum of four participants.

Just as in our face-to-face events, the remote training sessions alternate between lectures by the trainers and practical exercises. For these, one trainer coaches two participants at a time. This way, questions can be answered directly at any time.

Depending on the requirements and level of knowledge of the participants, the contents vary greatly, of course. In general, all participants get a short overview of our company, an introduction to the training room, even if they only enter it virtually, and of course a lot of know-how about their own KVM installation.

Who can participate in remote KVM training courses?

Our remote training sessions are aimed at all customers who need training. Similar to face-to-face training, we can train participants in all G&D products, although unfortunately we have to skip the hands-on training.

How long does a session take?

Trainer Hendrik Müller standing on the cabinet behind the camera while Christopher Gottwald teaches the participants the content in front of the camera.
Full commitment during our remote training courses

The training is divided into different units and lasts between four and seven hours, depending on the requirements. Depending on the number of participants or the complexity of the topic, the number of units varies.

Of course, there are also breaks between the individual blocks; if the training session lasts more than four hours, we take an additional 45-minute lunch break.

What are the technical requirements for a remote training session?

In order to participate in a remote training session, you need the following equipment:

  • Webcam
  • Computer with dual-head graphics card
  • Two monitors with a resolution of 1920 × 1200
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headset or headphones with a separate microphone
  • Internet access

In order for you to closely follow the training, we also recommend a quiet working environment.

Will you offer on-site trainings again in the future?

Of course! As helpful as training sessions from a distance are, especially at this time, we still miss the direct contact with our participants. Remote training complements the training portfolio and is not intended to be a substitute for face-to-face training. We very much hope that we will be able to offer this type of training again soon. Until then, however, we look forward to virtually teach you more about our devices and their functions.

This is what participants say about our remote training:

The training also worked very well as a remote training and both myself and my colleagues liked it very much. Mr Müller and Mr Gottwald conveyed the topics in a very pleasant manner and always responded to our specific questions. – Wacker (Uwe Scheiner)

How can I participate in a remote training course?

If you think that this type of training could also be something for you and you either want to get to know your KVM system or want to get a deeper understanding of it, just contact us. We would be happy to schedule an appointment for your individual training.

In addition, we will gladly present you our devices in our ControlCenter-Xperience showroom.

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