Bridging the gap between digital and analogue with G&D’s Bridge function

Bridging the gap between digital and analogue with G&D’s Bridge function

These days, electronic devices are often already outdated a couple of weeks after you bought them. Within weeks, today’s top-notch device might be replaced be a new, more efficient variant. This trend also applies to KVM devices. Therefore, alternating signal standards can cause high costs especially when it comes to large KVM installations. In such situations, it would be helpful to be able to integrate older analog systems into current digital ones. It was exactly this thought which led to the developmont of the Bridge function.

How the Bridge function works

Connecting a digital KVM matrix switch with an analogue CATCenter NEO matrix switch requires a VGA-CPU target module and a UCON user module. The VGA-CPU target module is connected directly to the signal lines of the UCON user module.

G&D Bridge function - bridging the gap between digital and analogueExample:

Use the OSD of a digital matrix switch to access the NEO target of the analogue CATCenter NEO matrix switch. All targets, even the analogue ones, displayed in a list.

  • The digital matrix switch transmits the switching command to the analogue CATCenter NEO matrix switch.
  • The digital matrix switch switches you as user to the VGA-CPU target mdoule of the Bridge line.
  • The analogue matrix switch NEO switches the computer to the UCON user module of the Bridge line.

The digital matrix switch can use each Bridge line to access any target module of the analogue matrix switch. The traget modules of the analogue matrix switch are listed in the OSD and in the web application of the digital amtrix switch where they can be configured or grouped.

Advantages of the Bridge function

In addition to being able to access digital and analogue systems, using the Bridge function offers further advantages:

  • High return on investment through long life cycle of analogue KVM systems
  • Expansions with digital systems possible
  • Existing systems can be used as subsystems and don’t need to be re-designed
  • Future-proof installation
  • Easy selection of computers via OSD

If you want to use the Bridge function for your KVM installations or if you’d like to know more about this topic, feel free to contact our Sales department at

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