DVIMUX8-OSD or: KVM for sloths

DVIMUX8-OSD or: KVM for sloths

By: Hendrik Müller

The DVIMUX8-OSD - a KVM switch for slothsMaybe you’re familiar with the following: In general, you know your (in this case our) products and think that you also already know everything about new products.

But little did I know. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of discovering a really excellent function of a friend I thought I’d knew quite well: the DVIMUX8-OSD. The sloth mode is a function always slumbering in the back of my head.

The sloth mode is especially characterised by the fact that it achieves much with little effort – and is therefore perfectly suited for us inherently lazy human beings.

Despite its real name, the “Broadcast function”, the sloth mode is not particularly aimed at our highly esteemed target group of broadcasters. It allows you to forward any keyboard or mouse inputs to any computer connected to the DVIMUX8-OSD. A great function for test environments or for shutting down all operating systems at the end of computer trainings.

On top of this, the function is really easy to enable. And if you want to know what else the DVIMUX8-OSD and our other KVM switches have to offer, visit www.gdsys.de.

Stay tuned and look forward to what else I might be able to discover.


Bianca Schmidt

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