For Apple fans: first G&D iBook available on iTunes

For Apple fans: first G&D iBook available on iTunes

Most of you already know that, here at G&D, we often choose different paths than others. A little while ago, our Marketing team therefore had the idea to design a completely new kind of brochure. A brochure with interactive elements like film clips, picture galleries or 3D elements. With catalogues like that our partners and customers would always be able to present our equipment in a more interactive way.

The secret incredients?

Take an exciting device like the new ControlCenter-Digital, add a pinch of helpful interactive elements and stir everything with detailed information about the device.

G&D iBook available on iTunesThe result?

An iBook that’s always available on your iPad. Thanks to interactive elements, you can twist and turn the ControlCenter-Digital or even turn it upside down, if you so desire.

The iBook for iPads is avaialable in German and English and provides comprehensive information about our first fully modular KVM matrix switch. Excited? Then here’s your chance to go to the iTunes Store and download the iBook for free.

Available soon for Android users

If you’re an android user – don’t worry, we have something for you as well. Soon we will provide ePubs of various G&D product catalogues and brochures that will be available for Android.

Suggest your ideas for eBooks

Are you interested in eBooks about other topics regarding the world of KVM or further G&D devices? Then please leave us your suggestions in the comments.

Bianca Schmidt

Bianca Schmidt

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Editor, translator and blogger at Guntermann & Drunck GmbH. You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Bianca Schmidt

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