G&D RemoteGUI – easy switching of KVM systems via XML

G&D RemoteGUI – easy switching of KVM systems via XML

With our IP-Control-API, we offer an interface that allows you to control and switch your KVM systems remotely, for example via touch panels. However, the programming required for this API can sometimes be a bit challenging. To make it easier to get started, we have therefore developed the G&D RemoteGUI. This tool allows you to use the interface directly, even without complex programming.

How does the G&D RemoteGUI work?

The IP-Control-API transmits text-based commands in the form of XML documents via network interfaces to your KVM system, which then executes these commands. With the help of the G&D RemoteGUI, however, you no longer need to work with XML documents. The tool graphically illustrates all XML commands you can use to operate your system. In addition to a KVM matrix (classic or IP), the G&D RemoteGUI also works with the KVM switches DL-MUX, DP1.2-MUX-NT and DP1.2-MUX3-ATC.

Switching between CON and CPU modules

G&D RemoteGUI: list of all CPU and all CON modules displayed in different colors to indicate their status
G&D RemoteGUI: Easy switching between modules via drag and drop

The G&D RemoteGUI provides an overview of all CON and CPU modules connected to the system. In the console overview, you will not only see a list of all consoles, but also to which CPU module they are currently connected. If you want to switch a specific CON to a specific CPU module, simply drag and drop the CON module onto the corresponding CPU module.

You can recognize the status of the individual modules by their colour:

To get a better overview, especially in large installations, it is often helpful to see only certain console and computer modules. This is possible using the filter option. Now, for example, you can get a direct overview of all modules that are currently offline.

Additional options provided by the G&D RemoteGUI

After right-clicking on a console module, you can also display a list of connections, send the user a message, close the OSD, log the user in or out or hide the module. Similar options are also available for the computer modules.

Global matrix commands

If you want to execute actions that should apply to all CON or CPU modules within the system, you can use global matrix commands to:

  • Send a message to all CON modules,
  • Log users on or off,
  • Close all OSDs,
  • Disconnect all CPU modules or
  • Switch all CON-2 modules to the matrix.

Script Builder

To further automate working with your KVM system, the G&D RemoteGUI offers a Script Builder. Before programming your own commands, you can use this tool to quickly build scripts that will be executed by the matrix or KVM switches. Here you are able to enter either only one command, for example switching a CON to a CPU via the XML command “Connect”, or a string of different commands.

Left side: XML commands entered, right side: XML commands tested
You can immediately test your XML commands

This way it is not only possible to switch a CON to a CPU, but also to directly log in a specific user and open the OSD. You can test the string of commands directly and save it as XML file. More than 170 commands are available to automate your processes.

You also have the option to change the XML code of the commands or upload your own XML files.

Test the G&D RemoteGUI

 If you think the G&D RemoteGUI would make working with your KVM system easier, why not try it out for yourself? Just contact our Sales team. They will be happy to send you the installation file.

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