DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CON: What’s hidden behind this product name?

DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CON: What’s hidden behind this product name?

KVM extender DVIVisionDo you know what the product name DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CON actually means? Don’t panic if you have no idea. Because today, we will explain the meaning of our product names using the DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CON KVM extender as an example.

General facts about DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CON

DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CON is part of a KVM extender system consisting of two units: the computer or CPU module (transmitter) and the user or CON module (receiver).
Since the extender in our examples ends on –CON, it’s a user module.

Abbreviations and their meaning

DVI: short for „Digital Visual Interface“. Many of you are probably familiar with this abbreviation. You can use DVI interfaces to transmit digital video data.

Vision: Vision has no special technical meaning. It’s simply the general name of our KVM extender systems.

MC4: short for MultiChannel and refers to the number of video channels that can be connected to the KVM extender system. DVIVision units are available as variants to connect 1, 2, 3 or 4 video channels. The abbreviation MC4 therefore refers to a variant that can connect four video channels.

AR: The letter A stands for Audio, R for the serial RS232 interface. Our KVM extenders always combine audio and RS232 interfaces.

U2: The abbreviation U2 indicates that the extender provides a USB 2.0 port. If there’s only a U in the product name, the extender provides a USB 1.1 port.

CON: CON is short for console. As mentioned above, the console is the receiving module. Unit names ending with -CON are always user modules.

And where do you place the user module? Of course at the user’s workstation. The user modules connects all the devices you need like mouse, keyboard, monitor, maybe speakers and other devices you might need for your work.

CPU: DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CPU is the counterpart to DVIVision-MC4-ARU2-CON. Together both units are a KVM extender system. CPU refers to the computer module, which is the module to which you connect your computer.


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