Welcome, as we are introducing two new members aboard the G&D team!

Welcome, as we are introducing two new members aboard the G&D team!

It has been some time since we welcomed to new colleagues. Therefore it is a real pleasure to introduce Tobias Dreier and Alexander Kiflom. Who knows? May be you have already been in touch with one of them while phoning or emailing G&D?

So, let’s start  – I think you are best introducing yourselves!

Alexander: Hi there, my name is Alexander Kiflom, 29 years of age, and I do work in the technical support team. I first studied media technologies in Austria and then moved on working for a company in Munich. After that I accepted my new post with G&D.

Tobias: Hello, my name is Tobias Dreier and I am also 29 years old. I am new in the International Sales team here at G&D. Before that I completed my apprenticeship becoming a sales clerk. Then I took up studies at the University of Siegen.

From left to right: Tobias Dreier, Alexander Kiflom and our KVM-Wingman

How did you get to find out about G&D?

Alexander: Working in Munich as a systems engineer I regularly  integrated KVM technology – that is how I first came across G&D. Being more and more intrigued by the technology I had a look at the G&D webpage to gather more product information  also wanting to find out more about the company itself.

Tobias: I saw a sales post being adverstised in the local paper. My uncle, who works for the regional Chamber of Commerce, had heard about G&D and the company’s  good reputation; thus he strongly recommended G&D.

Next thing I had a closer look at the G&D webpage, which did not at all look old-fashioned. The company itself seemed to be employee friendly and socially minded.

Did you have any prior expectations ?

Alexander: I was looking for a relaxed working atmoshpere. Being part of the technical support division this is even more important, because we have to work as one team in order to give our customers the best possible solution.

Tobias: I, too, was looking for a good working atmosphere. But also for new challenges, which are naturally given when you deal with complex technologies. Other than that, I appreciate that G&D is a continiously growing midsized company offering new opportunities as well as change & variety.

Have your expectations been fullfilled so far ? 

Alexander: Yes, my expectations have certainly been fullfilled. People are all very friendly and supportive. Working in the new team really gives me a lot of pleasure. And with time you develop a certain sense of ambition wanting to help each customer as quickly as possible.

It is indeed satisfactory to be something like the final authority analysing and repairing any system malfunction. Having a worldwide customer base also adds to the challenge. I also enjoy very much being on site with the customer.

Tobias: I can only agree with what was said. Any questions arising, my new colleagues are there to support me. Personally I am also intrigued by the various markets into which G&D sell their products worldwide. This is really astonishing.

Have you settled in well ?

Alexander: Yes, very well indeed. Thanks to my colleagues I could easily and actively  make my contribution to the daily tasks. I find work extremly diverse, because I am forever contacting different people around the globe

Tobias: I also settled in quite well. However, there is still much to be learned, because KVM technology is not quite as simple as it may look at first glance. But, I am getting there !

Thanks a lot for your time and interview ! We wish you all the best and hope you’ll enjoy working for G&D !  

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