Bluedec™ – the one blue way of video compression

Bluedec™ – the one blue way of video compression

Thanks to our many years of experience with video transmission, we have always taken things in our own hand when it comes to compressing signals. When transferring keyboard, video and mouse data, the most complex and crucial component is the video signal. That’s why we pay special attention to developing the method with which our systems transmit image content. To ensure that every pixel finds its way, we use our proprietary video compression bluedec™ when transmitting large amounts of moving images at high resolutions.

What is bluedec™?

The little word bluedec™ has a huge effect when combined with our KVM systems. The term consists of the words blue – a reference to our corporate color – and codec, and refers to a multi-stage compression logic. This compression method ensures that even compressed data is transmitted loss-free and pixel-perfect.

The codec behind this logic works across frames. This means that it does not only look at a single frame, but compares several frames in order to avoid losses. This way, even lower bandwidths of 3Gbit/s, 1Gbit/s or less are sufficient to ensure that video data is transmitted latency-free and unaltered.

Compression made by G&D

When developing our devices, we like to keep the strings in our own hands. Therefore, we decided that we did not want to rely on external service providers, especially for an important aspect such as compression. As manufacturers, this allows us to react much faster and more flexibly to new developments. Being able to (further) develop our own compression method is something we see as one of our core competencies.

G&D developer working on bluedec

In addition, by using bluedec™, we also ensure that our devices – whether old, new or still in development – are compatible with each other and will always be. That’s something from which all of our customers benefit. This way, they can enjoy significantly improved video quality even with existing matrix installations – without having to purchase new hardware.

Bluedec™ – a clear advantage for control rooms

The approach of pixel-perfect video compression is especially suited for control room applications. Here, security aspects often play a significant role. Pixel-perfect video transmission guarantees that employees see exactly the information on their workplace monitors that is output on the remote computer. Especially in mission-critical environments such as air traffic control, this is a very important factor.

In-house developments to be proud of

You don’t just develop a compression technology on the side. On the contrary: Our engineers have invested many years of work to bring you powerful, compatible and adaptable KVM systems using bluedec™. And that’s something we’re extremely proud of. But as with all technologies, we won’t stop at this point. Instead, we’re excited to see what possibilities bluedec™ will open up for us in the future.

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