KVM Summit 2021 – a slightly different kind of in-house exhibition

KVM Summit 2021 – a slightly different kind of in-house exhibition

Since the pandemic makes pretty much every trade show impossible this year, and we miss talking to our customers and partners, we wanted to offer you an alternative. We looked for a solution that would allow us to get in touch with you despite social distancing and provide you with information about new devices and features, but also even more background knowledge about KVM and KVM-over-IP. The result: the KVM Summit 2021, our own in-house exhibition, which took place online on 27 July 2021.

What is the KVM Summit 2021?

To attend KVM Summit 2021, interested parties could register free of charge for the online platform where the event was held. In addition to live presentations on the day of the event, attendees were able to view the agenda in advance on the interactive platform. In addition, they could schedule meetings or chat with our KVM experts.

Online platform for KVM Summit including different menus

The actual KVM Summit started with a  warm welcome by the management, followed by presentations on security and IP including concrete use cases.

At the same time, our trainers presented relevant G&D innovations such as the new compact KVM extender VisionXS and gave a live demonstration of what our ControlCenter-Xperience showroom has to offer.

Admittedly, the wealth of information was sometimes immense. Therefore, it is particularly convenient that participants can still access the recordings of the various sessions 30 days after our KVM Summit.

At the end of the event, attendees had the opportunity to sit down at a virtual table to dive a little deeper into certain topics.

A big thank you to all participants

Of course, such an event is nothing without participants. That’s why we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our online in-house exhibition. Organizer and Deputy Head of Marketing Jessica Lange is delighted with the positive response from participants: “The many questions and comments in the chat, but also in meetings after the event, have shown us that we were exactly right in choosing this type of event. We believe that we have found a way to continue to be able to have lively exchanges with KVM enthusiasts, customers and partners in the future.”

Want to be a part of the next KVM Summit?

Our KVM Summit sounds interesting, but unfortunately you couldn’t be there this time? No problem! Over the next few months, we’ll continue to host new online events, and we’ll also be looking at even more KVM-related topics. If you don’t want to miss them, just register for our newsletter. This way you will always receive all announcements first. Of course, you can also follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook. Here, too, you’ll always be up-to-date – whether it’s about events or new products.

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2 thoughts on “KVM Summit 2021 – a slightly different kind of in-house exhibition

  1. What was the purpose and format of G&D’s KVM Summit 2021, an in-house exhibition that was conducted online on 27th July 2021, and how did it serve as an alternative solution for engaging with customers and partners during a time when physical trade shows were not feasible due to the pandemic?

    1. Eva Kring

      Thank you for your comment, we’ll be glad to answer your questions. G&D’s KVM Summit 2021 was intended to provide an alternative solution for connecting with customers and partners when physical trade shows were not possible due to the pandemic. The format of the summit was an in-house exhibition held online on July 27, 2021. Interested parties could register for the online platform, where the event was held free of charge. The summit included live presentations, the ability to schedule meetings and talk to our KVM experts, presentations on security and IP with use cases as well as demonstrations of G&D innovations. The Summit served as an opportunity for G&D to continue its exchange with KVM enthusiasts, customers, and partners, providing them with information about new devices, features, and additional knowledge about KVM and KVM-over-IP.
      Best regards

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