How optimized manufacturing processes help protect the environment

How optimized manufacturing processes help protect the environment

Especially in the world of today, we try to do everything to improve our processes with regard to the environment. We are therefore constantly looking for new ways to manufacture our devices in a more sustainable and resource-saving way. In recent months, we have managed to change our programming processes for the manufacturing of our devices in a way that saves a lot of paper and electricity.

Previous processes required too many resources

Until now, in order to maintain our high quality standards, we had to print out a protocol including a checklist for each programmed device. An average of more than 100 programming processes per day naturally resulted in a lot of paperwork. Until now, we had to use one or two sheets of paper to print out the details of each programming. This was reason enough for us to optimize this process.

Less paper, less electricity, less toner = better for the environment

Therefore, we have completely revised the documents required for the programming of our devices. During programming, our system now generates PDFs with checkboxes, QR codes and input fields, which can then be called up and edited for the final production test. The edited documents are then moved to a folder our repair team can access in case of a device failure.

This not only saves us between 500 and 1000 sheets of paper per week, but also toner and electricity for the printers.

Bianca Schmidt

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