G&D expand manufacturer’s warranty to up to six years

G&D expand manufacturer’s warranty to up to six years

Especially when it comes to high quality devices like our KVM systems, you want to have a warranty that protects them as long as possible. Because nothing is more annoying than an expensive repair, which would have been covered by a warranty you no longer have.

In order to protect you from such a situation, we have adjusted our warranty services. You can now expand the manufacturer’s warranty for your G&D devices up to 6 years.

Good quality makes for satisfied customers

G&D default warranty: three yearsFor over 30 years we have been putting quality first. Of course, many companies use this statment to cater to their customers. To ensure that we don’t just use it as an empty phrase, we grant a manufacturer’s warranty of three years on our devices, thus clearly exceeding the statutory warranty obligations.

Warranty services you can rely on

In general, the following warranty services are free of charge for the first three years after you purchased our devices:

      • Phone support
        Our employees and technicians are only a phone call away, and in many cases they can fix the issue on the phone.
      • Repairs of devices/components
        If the issue cannot be solved on the phone, you can send us the devices for repair. Please use our RMA form for this purpose.
      • Shipment of devices/components
        Within the scope of the warranty, we cover any shipping costs.
      • Option to replace devices
        If necessary, we will temporarily provide you with a free replacement device for the duration of the repair.
      • Warranty check/cost estimate
        If there is no warranty claim, we will provide you with a free cost estimate for the repair or replacement of the affected device.
      • Option for on-site support
        If the above warranty does not solve the issue or is unacceptable, a qualified G&D specialist will provide on-site support in individual cases.

Extend your warranty for even more safety from the start

Optional warranty expansion to 6 yearsTo show you that we really believe in the quality of our KVM equipment, you can now expand the warranty of your digital KVM systems to up to six years. In this way you can protect your application and your investment even longer and keep an eye on long-term costs.

You can also renew the warranty later

The warranty on your digital G&D devices will expire soon, but you would like to use the devices safely for even longer and, if needed, benefit from our warranty services? No problem. Just renew the warranty for another year up to 90 days before the previous warranty period has expired (up to three times).

We also offer options to expand the warranty of your analogue systems.

Do you have any further questions about the warranty of your equipment or the various options? Then feel free to send an e-mail to sales@gdsys.de.

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