Apr 28 2015

The TradeSwitch function – easy switching via hotkeys

Especially in large installations, it is often necessary to have access to several computers at the same time. Ideally, you want to display the images of the individual computers on separate monitors. But how do you access all of these computers without having to connect separate keyboards and mouse devices to each computer? That’s where …

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Apr 02 2015

Test on tour – a day on the road with G&D’s support team

New features, new devices, new firmware – all of which must be thoroughly tested before it’s released to be used by our customers. Therefore, every day our testers try to find ways to perfect our equipment down to the smallest detail. But how are our devices actually used once they leave the testing department? A …

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Jan 16 2015

CeBIT, NAB Show, Broadcast Asia: G&D at trade shows 2015

Here at G&D the new year is already fully underway. And although it’s only the middle of January, we’ve been working feverishly toward the spring trade shows. As you might imagine there’s a lot for us to do in 2015. To let you know when you can meet us where throughout the year, we’ve compiled …

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Dec 22 2014

KVM with a big bang: the year 2014 in videos

The year is drawing to an end and December seems to be the perfect time to look back: on new devices, new features and even one or two surprises the year 2014 had in store for G&D. To be able to remember the great things from this year we’d like to take a look back …

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Oct 21 2014

Bridging the gap between digital and analogue with G&D’s Bridge function

These days, electronic devices are often already outdated a couple of weeks after you bought them. Within weeks, today’s top-notch device might be replaced be a new, more efficient variant. This trend also applies to KVM devices. Therefore, alternating signal standards can cause high costs especially when it comes to large KVM installations. In such situations, …

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Jul 10 2014

Economic espionage – risks, measures, awareness

Hacker attacks, data theft, eavesdropping scandals – the list of dangers on the internet is longer than you think. However, not only individuals but also companies are a popular target of attacks. And most of the time, hackers aren’t interested in individual passwords. Economic espionage rather aims for data that include patents, designs or specific …

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Jun 11 2014

Kangaroos, coffee and Chancelor Merkel – a G&D apprentice at Hannover Messe

Shortly after having started her apprenticeship as a media designer, we asked our apprentice Sarah Fichtner: “Could you please join our team for Hannover Messe?” A challenge Sarah was keen on facing. In today’s blog post, Sarah talks about the experiences she made at her first trade fair. The right preparation Participating in a trade …

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May 27 2014

Full speed ahead! KVM from G&D now certified for maritime navigation

For centuries, mariners have relied on paper maps to navigate the world’s oceans and waterways – and often reached their destinations. But not only since Christopher Columbus who was looking for India and found America we know that the rule of thumb navigation used in the late Middle Ages wasn’t that precise. That’s why today, …

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Apr 10 2014

Ultra HD: a new standard from Germany to Pandora

With the rapid advancement of TVs or cameras, high resolutions play an ever greater role. Especially when it comes to movies with impressive landscapes, not only movie fans want to be able to perceive even the smallest details in the best possible quality. The new standard, Ultra HD, combines all of these requirements and is …

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Mar 06 2014

G&D and Omnio Technologies at BVE 2014

For several years, the Broadcast and Production Technology Event, short BVE, in London has become an integral part of our exhibition season. In addition to many new product launches, the event offers numerous seminars and workshops on a variety of current technology issues. Together with our British partner Omnio Technologies, we presented our new devices …

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